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Southern Highlands

Michael has been looking after our garden in the Southern Highlands for a few years now. He is hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. His advice is always carefully considered taking into account not only the garden itself, but also the lifestyle of its owners. We are in the Highlands on average three weekends out of four so our garden has to be relatively easy care and resilient. With Michael’s help we have managed to achieve this and so now thoroughly enjoy both our garden and our gardening.

Ruth Maddigan

East Kangaloon

Michael has worked with me in my garden for almost 6 years and in that time he has honed his craft to a very high level,his attention to detail and his hedge trimming expertise are fantastic.

He also has great work ethic, always punctual,reliable and willing to turn his hand to any job as required.
I can highly recommend his services.

Annabel Baxter

Pepper Tree Creek

Michael has been a valuable member of a multidisciplinary team at our property called Pepper Tree Creek (PTC) since the beginning of 2011. PTC is a 75 acre property, which was derelict on every single level when we purchased it five years ago. Whilst it is a farming business, it would be better described as a country estate as it also incorporates acres of parkland and gardens.

Michael was originally employed due to his qualifications and experience as a Green Keeper to manage the 7½ acres of parkland, which we had developed. He also assisted in general Yardsman duties.

Since that time, he has completed a Diploma in Horticulture. It has been gratifying to see him develop into a confident professional, and he is now, the Estate Manager. This entails overseeing the development and maintenance of 14 acres of garden with a staff of 4 people. This is a formidable role for such a young man, but he has embraced the responsibility with passion, curiosity, and boundless energy. He is also completely reliable, transparent and honest.

Michael has a delightful personality and he has a “can do” attitude researching and embracing all the projects we have undertaken. During his time with us, he has also set up his own business in horticultural services. We would highly recommend him and his team to anybody.

Skye and Gary Susans

| About Us


To create beautiful landscapes that will be treasured for generations.


To provide a holistic, high quality service that caters to all of your landscape and property management needs.


Our work is guided by our commitment to quality, reliability, efficiency and relationships.


| What We Do

We offer a variety of services including

  • Garden maintenance
  • Hedge trimming
  • Lawn & Sports Turf maintenance and renovations
  • Fertilising
  • Weed management
  • Pest, disease and disorder (PDD) diagnosis and prevention
  • Soil testing, assessment and amelioration
  • Landscape renovations/revitalising
  • Irrigation and infrastructure upkeep
  • Complete landscape/property management


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| Why Us

  • Local Knowledge

    We’re home grown in the Southern Highlands. We’ve spent years mastering our craft in this unique climate, and we think local knowledge is key to efficient and high-quality property maintenance.

  • Experience

    With more than 10 years’ experience working in the horticulture and turf management industry, we’ve had plenty of time to hone our skills. We employ award winning and highly sought-after professionals with the experience and specialties to finish the job to perfection.

  • Communications

    We pride ourselves on making sure our clients know what is happening every step of the way. Many our clients travel away from their properties regularly, so we’re getting pretty good at using the wonders of modern technology to keep them in the loop no matter which time zone they might be in.

  • Planning

    The key to any successful garden is planning. We work with our clients to develop seasonal planting schedules, maintenance plans, and budgets, to make sure that your investment sees the best possible returns.

  • Time

    Saving products and machinery- We’ve scoured the globe to find products and machinery that make our work more efficient and your bill smaller.

  • Networks

    Our networks of local landscapers, stockmen, builders and machinery operators are the pick of the bunch. We’ve spent years making sure everyone we work with are perfectionists just like us

  • Above and Beyond

    We like to think we go that extra mile. Coming down for the weekend? We can let you know which veggies are ready to pick or have the cut flowers ready for you. Having a party? We can go over everything with a fine-tooth comb and have it looking picture perfect. When you’re as passionate about your work as we are, you know it’s the little extra’s that make all the difference.

| Packages


  • Unlimited Contact (Support)
  • Yearly budgeting meetings
  • Works Billable Service Fee
  • Grounds Management
  • Access to commercial grade products and materials
  • Google photos account
  • Access to wholesale prices on materials (based on volume)
  • Weekly/Fortnightly fixed fee
  • Estate management (Farm, Grounds & House/Infrastructure
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  • Unlimited Contact (Support)
  • Monthly budgeting meetings
  • Works Billable Service Fee
  • Grounds Management
  • Access to commercial grade products and materials
  • Google photos account
  • Access to wholesale prices on materials (based on volume) by invitation
  • Weekly/Fortnightly fixed fee
  • Estate management (Farm, Grounds & House/Infrastructure
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| Portfolio

| Our Team

Our founder and director Michael Nichols first developed his passion for gardening over 15 years ago. Michael has qualifications in landscape construction and turf management, and a diploma in Horticulture, and has spent the last decade fine tuning his skills in a wide range of horticultural pursuits . His eye for detail, strong work ethic and knowledge of plants and landscapes have made Michael a highly sought after horticulturalist in the Southern Highlands. We have worked hard to attract team members who bring their own unique and complimentary sets of skills, and to ensure that each and every member of the Turf to Trees family shares our passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces.


Being able to enjoy your property with your friends and family is important, and a number of our clients utilise their properties for functions including open gardens, parties and weddings. We endeavour to offer flexibility to our clients to ensure their property is looking at its best when they most need it.

A maintenance schedule is a structured works roster of the landscape requirements for your property. This includes all facets of the landscape, including garden and lawn maintenance, irrigation upkeep, tree maintenance, speciality plant pruning, fertilisation, soil monitoring and amelioration, pest and disease control and infrastructure upkeep just to name a few. Each schedule also includes a budget to ensure that clients are aware of any predicted upcoming costs.

Every landscape is different and it is important to balance this consideration with the clients’ budget. We utilise tailored maintenance schedules to ensure our clients are always aware of the amount of work involved in their garden’s upkeep so that they can make an informed decision about the level and frequency of maintenance they require.

Equipment is not essential as we are able to provide or source all of the tools necessary to complete our work, however some clients wish to reduce long term costs by purchasing their own. In these circumstances we are happy to use the equipment provided.

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